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Latest Forum Threads in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAP

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  • 08/06/15--03:52: ES Workplace
  • Hi,


    What happened to ES Workplace? It seems offline?



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    My latest work is in intergrating Magento with SAP. Their frontend is in Magento. Suppose, for creating a customer, we need customer name and other details. These details will be coming from magento. I have created a webservice definition from bapi bapi_customer_createfromdata1.


    What are the steps I needed to configure in SOA Manager? If you have any notes and ideas, please share.

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    I created Web Service definition ...activated it...In SOA Manager, created a binding for it...Generated WSDL link. When I check the connection in SOAP UI, it is generating "Virtual Interface Not Found" error. I am attaching the screenshot.

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    Can someone please influence someone to bring ES-Workplace back online? All the links to enterprise service documentation in links to es-workplace, and without es-workplace we can not discover SAP enterprise services in dialog with our customers.  



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    Hello Gurus,


    I am struggling with an error using a proxy consumer service from ABAP. The proxy was generated using the WSDL from the web service provider. For a specific method we need to send a rawstring as seen bellow:






    The file to be sent on this call is a ZIP file XAdES-BES signed and on BASE64. I’ve implemented the proper code to get the original file from local PC, and convert it to BASE64 before moving the content to the webservice structure and call the service proxy. At SOAMANAGER I also configured the webservice and the proper port with the WSDL:





    The communication is working properly but my problem is with the binary content. When calling the webservice the response is that the structure of the file is wrong. I found it very strange since I used a tiny SOAPUI project with the same WSDL and it worked with no problem.

    After debugging I could see that the content moved to the rawdata string before calling the proxy does not match the content that I can see from the call payload on web services util (srt_util)!


    So the sample code for my method:


    * get the file from the specified folder
    call function 'GUI_UPLOAD'
    = ld_zipfilename
    = 'BIN'
    = zip_size
    = t_zip_data[]
    = 1
    = 2
    = 3
    = 4
    = 5
    = 6
    = 7
    = 8
    = 9
    = 10
    = 11
    = 12
    = 13
    = 14
    = 15
    = 16
    others                  = 17.

    * convert to string
    clear buffer_zip.
    call function 'SCMS_BINARY_TO_STRING'
    = zip_size
    = buffer_string
    = t_zip_data[]
    = 1
    others       = 2.

    * encode base 64
    perform encode_base64 using buffer_string

    form encode_base64 using in_string type string
    type xstring.

    data: l_sbuff     type string.

    * convert the file to BASE64
    call method cl_http_utility=>encode_base64
    = in_string
    = l_sbuff.

    call function 'SCMS_STRING_TO_XSTRING'
    text   = l_sbuff
    buffer = out_string
    = 1
    others = 2.

    endform.                    "encode_base64


    calling the webservice:

    l_input-xxxx-dokument = buffer_zip.

    call method l_proxy_test->webservice
    input  = l_input
    output = l_output.

    catch cx_ai_soap_fault into lr_exc_soap_fault.



    From my understanding rawstring should be the same as ABAP xstring. If I debug the program and check the content of the  l_input-dokument before calling the proxy I get binary content: “Izw/eG1sIHZlcnNpb249IjEuMCIgZW5jb2Rpbmc9InV0Zi04Ij8…” that is in fact correct


    If I check the payload after call I can see that the binary content sent on the XML is not the same, in fact it is totally different: ”SXp3L2VHMXNJSFpsY25OcGIyNDlJakV1TUNJZ1pXNWpiMlJw…” !!



    I’ve tried a lot of different conversions, changed configuration on the communication, port, etc and nothing seems to work. I really can’t figure out why the binary content on the call is not the same as I move to the webservice structure.


    If I use the project from SOAP UI and send the proper binary content, that is “Izw/eG1sIHZlcnNpb249IjEuMCIgZW5jb2Rpbmc9InV0Zi04Ij8…” it works perfectly and the response is successfully.




    Anyone has a clue what could be causing this?

    Appreciate any kind of input.



    João Silva Pinto.

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    Can anyone send the steps (notes) for creating a webservice definition from function module from the start to checking it with SOAPUI.

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    I would like to know if is there any way to get the wsdl with standard instead of ws_policy throug SOAMANAGER without do it manually.


    I mean that I can get the WSDL standard if I change ws_policy by standard in the WSDL url. I would like to know if another way exist due to I have to do it for each WSDL file.





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    Moin everybody

  is discontinued, and the replacement links provided on that page don't really help.

    Is there any alternative that provides the much-needed link between backend BO objects/BAPIs/data elements/tables and the matching business objects and services?


    I also searched for „ES Workplace“ in , leading to the also discontinued http:/

    And the "Dicsovery System" linked in this group seems also discontinued.


    So I'm pretty much out of options where to search.

    Any ideas? Anybody?

    Best regards, Ingo

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    Can universe connect to restful webservice? I know it is allowed to connect to SOAP webservice. Currently is using WSDL1.1.


    How about restful web service which does not have any wsdl file?

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    Hi guys,


    I have a requirement to create contract from SOA using BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE. At first, it does not have any issue on EHP5 but then after the upgrade to EHP7 it is giving an issue "Error ME 816: CL_API_MASTER_CONDITION_MM=>PROCESS". I've search sap note 2000517 and the correction is already implemented in the system but i'm still getting this error.


    Any idea on how to resolve this? or is there any new input to avoid this error?



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    Hi Experts,


    We have a requirement in which we query data from an oracle based system directly from ECC (Without using XI/PI). Oracle guys have developed an API and have shared the WSDL with us. I am trying to create a proxy using the WSDL URL in SE80, but the system is not allowing me to create the proxy using the URL. It is giving the following error message when I am trying that - 'Proxy generation terminated: Message must have exactly one part'.


    When I reached ORACLE folks with the above message, they said that its the standard that standard they are following and splitting it into single parting is not possible. I read in one of the SCN thread that SAP NetWeaver 7, Service Pack 14 onwards should support multiparting. We are on SAP NetWeaver 7, Service Pack 21, but still getting this message. Please guide.


    Warm Regards,


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    Hello Everybody,


    we've implemented some webservices on WAS ABAP (NW 7.0, SP 20) and configured the corresponding endpoints with SOAMANAGER. Everything works fine with the default host. The wsdl can be generated and consuming the webservice is successful.


    Now we want to provide the services on dedicated ports different from the default host. For example, webservice A is reachable on port 8000, webservice B is reachable on port 8010.


    Prior to NW 7.0 it was possible to configure the virtual host with the adequate port settings in the transactions WSADMIN and WSCONFIG.


    But how to configure the host/port for a service with transaction SOAMANAGER?


    I've read documentation, notes and forum posts and found a lot about different profiles, proxy settings and web dispatcher configuration. But nothing covered the requirement.


    Can anyone throw a light on this and close the gap in my knowledge?


    Thanks in advance and best regards,


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    I have 2 SAP servers

    NW 7.1 & 7.4.

    On 7.4 have component\tc~uddi. Please help, how I can import or upgrade\tc~uddi on NW 7.1 for extend functionality. Where I can download tc~uddi new component for NW 7.1

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    Hi All - We are on ERP 740 with EHP7 and NW 7.42 kernel. We are configuring a consumer proxy scenario using SE80 and SOAMANAGER so that our ABAP system can consume a web service provided by a non-SAP system.  Frequent changes are being made to the web service.  Sometimes the web service provider asks if we can clear the cache on the SAP side.  I am not sure how to respond to this.  Can anyone advise on cache clearing methods for an ABAP system when dealing with web services?

    Points provided for helpful responses.

    Best Regards - Jeff

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    I have registed myself about 2 weeks ago and didn' get any response yet.


    Is there a possibility to make contact to the adminitrator ?




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  • 08/03/15--05:50: Unable to Open SOAMANAGER
  • Hi Experts,



    I facing below mentioned issue while accessing tcode SOAMANAGER.








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    Is there a way to extend  trace activation time in SRT_UTIL more than 2 hours ?




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    Hi friends,


    I created a Webservice Consumer with the assistant, indicating the URL of my WSDL.

    Then I created the logical port in SOAMANAGER, using the same URL.

    When I test the Webservice Consumer I get the following error:

    SoapFaultCode:3  MustUnderstand headers:


    To] are not understood.


    The XML petition to the Webservice is:

    <soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soap-env="">     <soap-env:Header>          <sap:Trace xmlns:sap="">               <sap:TraceLevel>Error</sap:TraceLevel>               <sap:TraceContext>                    <TRC_PATTERN>WSTEST</TRC_PATTERN>                    <TRC_KEY>4D635EAAEFA70022E10000009353966F</TRC_KEY>                    <TRC_SSID>EDU_02</TRC_SSID>                    <TRC_USER>DES005</TRC_USER>                    <TRC_TS>20110223153559</TRC_TS>                    <TRC_COUNTER>99</TRC_COUNTER><TRC_EXTERN></TRC_EXTERN><TRC_REQBASED></TRC_REQBASED><TRC_PPVERS>2</TRC_PPVERS>               </sap:TraceContext>          </sap:Trace>          <wsa:To soap-env:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsa="">               </wsa:To>          <wsa:From xmlns:wsa="">               <wsa:Address></wsa:Address>          </wsa:From>          <wsa:ReplyTo xmlns:wsa="">               <wsa:Address></wsa:Address>          </wsa:ReplyTo>          <wsa:FaultTo xmlns:wsa="">               <wsa:Address></wsa:Address>          </wsa:FaultTo>          <wsa:Action soap-env:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsa=""></wsa:Action>          <wsa:MessageID xmlns:wsa="">uuid:4d635ec2-efa7-0022-e100-00009353966f</wsa:MessageID>     </soap-env:Header>     <soap-env:Body>          <n0:consultaCN xmlns:n0="" xmlns:prx="">               <n0:cn>joan.ayala</n0:cn>          </n0:consultaCN>     </soap-env:Body></soap-env:Envelope> 


    People from my systems team, told me that if instead of having:


    I had:



    Then, It would work properly. Does anybody know if it is possible to change this value of the XML ?

    Or any other solution can be helpful. Thanks !!!

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    Hi All,


      How can I change soap header from consuming webservice? we are on SAP 7.00 SP15 (No XI or PI)

      I am able to call some methods that do not require the header for third party web service (.net).


      This is the header that sap generate:

     ....<n1:MessageID xmlns:n1="">uuid:4bdbf1ed-6c9c-1d52-e100-0000c0a8cf8a</n1:MessageID>  ....</soap-env:Header>

      This is the header that third party web service require.

      <soap:Header>    <MultiSpeakMsgHeader Version="string" UserID="string" Pwd="string">  </soap:Header>



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    Hello All


       We are facing an issue when sending large amount of data to sales force through a web service.


    Error is:

    Error: SOAP:1023 SRT: Processing error in Inter net Communication Framework: ("ICF Error when rece iving the response: ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_BROKEN")


      Can Any one give some Idea on this?



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