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Latest Forum Threads in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAP

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    Hi, I'm in the process of setting up the Create Quotation enterprise service, and am trying to work out if it's possible to pass something through that will change the user status in the Quotation while creating it.


    I'm using Service: CustomerQuoteERPCreateCheckQueryResponse_In, passing in the correct fields. I can post a Quotation with the correct data combination. However, I'm looking through the Quotation in VA23 and in the Header->Status tab, there's an 'Object Status' button, which goes to what looks like a JEST-type status.


    Is it possible to change this status from the Enterprise Service?


    My testing so far has been via SPROXY, although I have created Quotations from the Test Tool in the SAP PI Integration Engine with the following data, and I couldn't find a Status. I'm reasonably sure that I can't be done in this message, but it would be good to know if anyone has done it before.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <ns0:CustomerQuoteERPCreateRequest_sync xmlns:ns0="">










      <ProcessingTypeCode>[QUOTATION DOCUMENT TYPE]</ProcessingTypeCode>


       <ID>[EXTERNAL PO]</ID>












       <InternalID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="">[SHIPTO]</InternalID>



       <InternalID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>





       <ProductAvailabilityRequirementItemUUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>

       <Description languageCode=""/>


       <DataOriginCategoryCode listID="" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>


        <ID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>

        <ItemID>[ITEM NO]</ItemID>




        <DivisionCode listID="" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>



        <InternalID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="">[MATERIAL NUMBER]</InternalID>


        <StandardID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>

        <SalesMeasureUnitCode>[UNIT OF MEASURE]</SalesMeasureUnitCode>



        <BatchID schemeID="" schemeVersionID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>

        <InventoryValuationTypeCode listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>



        <InternalID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>



        <InternalID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>



        <InternalID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>














        <PriceSpecificationCustomerGroupCode listID="" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>


        <CustomerGroupCode listID="" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>

        <SalesDistrictCode listID="" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>



      <PriceSpecificationElementTypeCode>[MANUAL PRICE CONDITION]</PriceSpecificationElementTypeCode>












        <DeliveryPlantID schemeAgencyID="">[WERKS]</DeliveryPlantID>







        <Code listAgencyID="" listVersionID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>



        <RequestedQuantity unitCode=""/>





         <ProjectID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>

         <ProjectUUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>

         <ProjectName languageCode=""/>

         <ProjectElementID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>

         <ProjectElementUUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>

         <ProjectElementName languageCode=""/>



        <InternalOrderID schemeAgencyID=""/>


         <ID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID="" schemeAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>

         <UUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>



         <ItemUUID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>



        <AccountingBusinessAreaCode listVersionID="" listAgencyID=""/>



        <ID schemeID="" schemeAgencyID=""/>





        <RequestedQuantity unitCode="">[QUANTITY]</RequestedQuantity>

        <DeliveryBlockingReasonCode listID="" listVersionID="" listAgencyID="" listAgencySchemeID="" listAgencySchemeAgencyID=""/>







    thganks and rgds,


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    I am acutally facing an issue with the Transaction Soamanager after a Systemcopy.




    Windows Server 2008 R2



    i did a syscopy from PRD to DEV, and everything was (more or less ) fine.


    but... When I now call Transaction Soamanager now in DEV-System, soamanager starts with URL of PRD-System.


    i would really appreciate an advice.


    Thank you in advance,




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    What is the SAP Standard TM software component? to import in ESR?


    I tried to import SAPTM IC 1.10, but it is not coming any content in it? I need pre-defined content like Message types, interfaces, mappings etc.

    in which software component i will get those?

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  • 05/28/13--05:36: Waiting for Schduler Issue
  • We are facing a problem where when a client (Browser/mobile) calls an asynchronous web service from SAP, it get stuck in a queue in SRT_UTIL with status "Wait for Scheduler" like below.




    We were able to release it forcefully so that it can continue what it has been coded to do and it was successfully executed. That means the value that was passed from the client has already reached the SAP server side but got stucked in the queue.


    When I further click on one of the yellow status line, I got a response like below.




    Why do this happen? and how do I solve this issue where it gets stucked in a queue.


    Any advice are greatly appreciated.

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  • 02/09/16--15:18: Changing a WSDL URL
  • Hello Experts


    Im having a provlem where the Service Registry is calling a WebService with one URL, but when i create a service and the endpoint of that Webservice, they do not match. What I´ve found out is that the service registry is not updating this URL. Is there a way to manually change it?


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    I encountered the following error when trying to consume a webservice and create a proxy through SE80:


    Exception occurred in communication framework:Error in HTTP Framework:404conn failed


    Exception of class CX_SLIB



    Please help me in solving the same.




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    Hi Experts,


    Apologies if I am not posting on appropriate area & please direct me.


    I have created an ABAP Webservice (RFC Enabled FM) which does the post goods issue & reverse deliveries.


    1. To do PGI I have used Standard FM ( WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE) inside my custom FM

    2. To do reverse I have written a small BDC in that custom FM with Call transaction 'VL09' using BDC .....

    This RFC enabled FM is working fine both the functionality .

    Issue : when testing web service via SOAP UI (software only option 1 is working and when I execute with option 2 it is throwing some error but I am unable to understand this error.

    Can anyone have a look into it to guide me towards the possible cause of this error.

    File attachedtest1.PNG.

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    Hi experts,

    I am actually trying to create a consumer provider proxy server and after I choose the HTTP as option, in the error I get:


    Proxy generation: error occured

    Incorrect value: Determination of destination HTTP....


    I have already activate the global setting for proxy at SICF at client settings and at HTTP log tab gave the HTTP technical settings. But i still get this error. Could you please help me to resolve this issue.




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    I am trying to  consume Webservices of external WSDL url  in sap which is located outside the  local sap network, When i tried to create client proxy by going to se80 and after completing the required steps it gives me error of Exception occurred in communication framework:Error in HTTP Framework:404conn,

    Its Been a two week that i am trying to figure out this error  I already posted the question on Scn last week but no body bothers to answer me,

    I tired All suggestion and way out that different sites suggest like by going on to tocde Sicf -> client ->proxy setting ->https log and give the host name and port no of system where these wsdl file actually located, I also tried to save this url  locally  on my desktop and then I gives me error of Exception occurred in library handler Incorrect value: Unknown Namespace


    Please Please help me I have done lot of search spent lot of nights to figure it out but couldnot be able to fix please give some way to solve this issue as I am in a real trouble


    Waiting for your Responses.




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    Hello expert,


    M new SRM consultant working in my first implementation project,

    i m getting an eroor while configuring consumer provider THROUGH SOAMANAGER> CONFIGURATION like dis:


    SRT Framework exception: Error in WSDL access: Exception occurred in communication framework:Error in HTTP Framework:404Connection Failed



    Can any one please tell why it is coming and what is the solution for it , on urgent basis.



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    Hi All,


    I am using SAP enterprise service message MerchandiseManagementMerchandiseOut to integrate article and prices data to the POS system.


    We have requirement to include additional customer specific fields in the message.  I was wondering if someone has done it and will be kind enough to share the knowledge on how to enhance the message type and include additional fields.


    Kind Regards,


    Update -I have sorted this out

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    The srt_admin technical check and soamanager health check fail due to the client 001 messages below.  We aren't issued user ids in 001 so is there a way to configure client 001 from 000 or any other solution? Is the only solution that I need to get a user id in 001 and run it from there?




    001 Idem potency IDP service configuration not found for client 001. Run WSIDPADMIN there. /


    No configuration exists in client: No check of inbound destination:WS_BGRFC_INBOUND000 no usable service destination in client:001

    Warm regards, CM

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    Hi All,



    I am new to use web services . here i am trying to consume service from external . but we are getting the error like "Exception occurred in communication framework:Error in HTTP Framework:404Hostname Unknown "

    kindly let me know that is any connection need to enabled ?



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    I am new to use web services . here i am trying to consume service form external . but we are getting the error like ''Expection occured in communication framework : error in HTTP framework :404Hostname unknown ".



    Kindly letme know that is any connection need to enabled ? 







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    I've got a problem with a Salesforce integration to SAP.

    I don't have a PI or something else.

    My scenario:

    I generate a ABAP Proxy with the SFDC enterprise.wsdl. At the Query-Method in the external view of proxy I marked "Untyped Mapping" for the "result" in the output-attribute to get the result as a xstring. So I can get more than one record in a query result. That works fine.


    Now I have the problem with the Upsert-Method. I want to upsert more than one record to Salesforce. Regarding to this point I marked "Untyped Mapping" for "sObjects" in the input-attribute of the Upsert-Method to pass the sObjects as xstring. I want to pass the sObjects via xstring because ABAP can't generate the sObject-Datatype at the runtime.

    When I pass my xstring with sObjects, only the first sObject will be handled in Salesforce. All following sObjects are ignored by Salesforce.


    My sObject-String:


    <sObjects xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:sf="" xmlns:soapenv="" xsi:type="sf:Opportunity">

      <sf:NAME>Test 1</sf:NAME>



    <sObjects xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:sf="" xmlns:soapenv="" xsi:type="sf:Opportunity">

      <sf:NAME>Test 2</sf:NAME>



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    i wrote a FM for uploading GTS SPL content to SAP. From this FM i generated

    a Enterprise Service / Service Definition and published it via SOAMANAGER.


    So everything works fine.


    But now i want to change the field "SLL_SPL_DOB_TO" to a nillable field. Meaning

    that the date in this field can be empty.


    For the moment it must not be null. But in some cases the date field is empty and

    the webservice doesnt not work for empty fields.


    I tried to change some attributes within the structure, but the fields are grayed out.


    Below you can see my implementation. I want to set the element SLL_SPL_DOB_TO to

    allow empty values.



    In the SAP Standard Webservice (but it is a XI service) there are option to set

    the required information.




    Is there a way to set the information ? Or how the information for required or not

    required fields are set and mapped to XSD Types and their options ?


    Thanks a lot for your help.




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  • 03/24/16--06:41: Web service Issue.
  • Hi All,

                     In Webservice testing from our SAp side is working fine.But my application team is checking it gives error as



    Web service processing error; more details in the web service error log on provider side (UTC timestamp ; Transaction ID ).

    I debugged in STR_LOG and it says that

    The SOAP Processor was invoked to process a message, which is not

    supported by the interface...



    Here how can i check the SOAP URL or interface in SOAMANAGER.

    Kindly help me what i have to do for this and how can be done this issue..




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  • 07/30/08--07:49: HTTP destinations
  • Hello,


    I'm using netweaver administrator(nwa) platform to manage my CE server (SAP AS Java), and i tried to create an HTTP destination under the destination tab. The problem is i can't ping the created destination. Even the DASDefault destination (http://computerName:Port/DataArchivingService/DAS) couldn't be pinged. Any suggestions?


    Do I need to specify again that this computer name correspond to this IP? If so, where?


    Thank you.



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    Hi experts,


    I have created a Web Service and all is working just fine.

    For tracking purposes, I would like to know the UserName & from which IP address did my web service get invoked.

    What do I need to do to extract the IP address from the web service request?

    Is there any Table / TCode that store User Name & IP Address of user who call my Web Service?


    Thanks for any hints/tips.



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  • 03/31/16--09:34: Services
  • Hi,


    Is it possible to assign a profit center to a service? I am in AC03 transaction but i can´t see any field to incidate the profit center. In material management you can assign it.

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