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Latest Forum Threads in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAP
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    i had configured the SRT Runtime according to SAP manuals.
    All tests in SRT_TOOLS and SOAMANAGER seems to be ok and without errors.


    When i try to call a webservice provider from an external consumer i always get http 503 error.

    But there is no webservice isolation active.

    I had tried SRT_TEST to run some tests. But here i get errors.

    E.g. when using the simple Ping test then i get a Service Ping error saying that

    there is some processing error.

    For another testcase i get SOAP:1023 SRT: Processing error in ICF when sending...

    What maybe the reason for these errors in SRT Framework and for the 503 error.


    But the same tests running properly on the testsystem.

    Thanks a lot for your ideas and input :-)


    Best regards,

    Sebastian Hockmann

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    Hi All,


    We have created a consumer proxy in SAP ECC using WSDL link in our DEV system. Also created logical ports in SOAMANAGER in DEV system and it works perfectly. We transported our changes to TST system and in TST system we are creating logical ports using the same link that we used in our DEV system, but I am facing this error message:

    "Error: Uninstantiated object "binding operation node" in method IF_SRT_WSP_CONFIG_REGISTRY~CREATE_RT_CFG_FROM_WSDL of class



    Did anyone come across this error message?


    Thanks in advance,


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  • 05/17/13--02:35: Standalone ESR
  • Hi,


    We have a SAP ECC 6.0 landscape and will be integrated using a non-SAP middleware. We are planning to develop all our interfaces as web services based and need to use SAP ESR as modeling tool. I have found out that ESR can be installed standalone on NW Java stack. Also, we want to use standard enterprise services after doing some enhancement.


    So, i need to find out whether it is possible to enhance standard enterprise in standalone ESR or do we need PI for enhancing the services?

    Also, let me know if you have any inputs (pros/cons) on this architecture of having standalone ESR connected to SAP ECC Development for modeling purposes.





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    There are many standard webservices and we can also create a webservice for a RFC enabled Function module..


    But Issue is coming when we are trying to consume that web service through WSDL in DotNet. It returns the same XML file which is through

    WSDL and doesnot return values for it in response.


    Now as WSCONFIG and WSADMIN are Obsoulete(Cant be used)... We are using SOAMANAGER Transaction.. But what we found on many sites are old versions of Transaction SOAMANAGER.


    Can any one help on how to consume this for fetching the values as response for the given request in XML.




    Also Other Question was regarding configuring a reverse Proxy for Webservice. As Our server IP is not public and we have configured Reverse Proxy . How this is to be configured for webservice.




    Thanks and Regards



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    Dear Gurus,


    I need your help to understand the cause of this error.


    My requirement is to access webservice created in .Net system and read the data in SAP and return back few data to .Net again.


    I tried creating proxy class in Enterprise services (SE80) by following the steps below:


    1. Choose Enterprise services -> Click proxy -> Create a proxy with namespace 'Z'.

    2. I got a wizard step, the .Net team gave me a URL (

    3. I selected the URL option and gave local object and clicked on complete

    4. It run through progress indicator (read and analyze WSDL document) and I got this error and hence proxy didnot get generated


    Error message : Incorrect value: Entity "<<document>>"(60 /2931 ). end tag 'ul' does not match begin tag 'p'


    I was not sure if this error was due to the code in .Net. When I checked with the .Net person, he told me that there was no code inside. I am not sure. Any clue on y this error has occured?


    Thanks for all your time and support to me on this.




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    Hi Guys,


    I have a newly created web service that works internally in SAP:



    Then I made a new entry in transaction STRUST with my certificate:



    I have found my web service in soamanager and I have generated my WSDL to acces it from soap ui




    Unfortunately, I cannot seem to access this web service from soap ui and if I look into the SSL Info, it seems to be using another SSL Certificate (another existing certificate from SSL Server Standard in STRUST). How could I force the consumer to use my certificate instead of another one?




    Thank you in advance for your answers!

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to call a vertex web service through SAP.

    Now, when i try to execute the client proxy with SAP, i get the message "Call Successful-Empty Result".

    But When, i try to send the same request through XMLSpy/SOAP UI, I am getting relevant results back.


    When i looked into SM59 for the corresponding HTTP Destination, the connection test returned status code 415.

    When i ran transaction SXMB_MONI, i got no results.( Note: We don't have a PI System)


    Kindly, help me out on this.




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    I want to use soamanager transaction, I activated the SICF and includes the parameter icm / host_name_full but after including User and password generates the attachment mistake.


    Anyone had this error?








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    Good day.


    I am setting up the integration between ERP and TM via the WS/RM. When configuring used the guid "WS/RM Integration Guide for SAP Transportation Management" which contains links to Central Business Scenario Configuration


    Create entries on the tab "Service Administration" by link "Integration Scenario Configuration":

    1. I get an error message about the inconsistency of data to the TM_ERP_ORDINT_SE.


    2. And also to set up Scenario error is displayed on the absence of a logical ports.


    Tell me, please, what I'm doing wrong.




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    Hi guys,


    I Upgraded an ERP ECC 6.0 (NW 7.0 SPS23) system up to EHP7 (NW 7.40 SPS13).


    When i enter SOAMANAGER i see that the old "Logs Configuration" option in tab "Logs and Traces" is missing so where i am supposed to activate logs to be able to see them in the Message Monitoring? I ask this because when i enter Message Monitoring right after a WS is executed i see no entries.


    Thanks in advance for the kind support.


    Best regards.

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    Hi guys,


    my aim is to use the standard enterprise service ServiceOrderQuotationCRMChangeRequestConfirmation to update the Service Order Quote. Unfortunately, when I use the request below, the service says the execution was successful, but the BP doesn't change.


    Do you have experience with thsi service? Can you please give me some hints how to change the request so the BP get changed?


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <ns0:ServiceOrderQuotationCRMChangeRequest_sync xmlns:ns0="">




          <ServiceOrderQuotationHeader actionCode="02">



             <Party actionCode="02">

             <PartyData actionCode="02">