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Latest Forum Threads in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAP

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    We are trying to consume an external web service but getting the below error :


    GENERAL_ERROR Error duing proxy processing (PART UNKNOWN (NULL)   )

    Error duing proxy processing (PART UNKNOWN (NULL)   )


    We have gone through the already available threads with the same error but unable to rectify this.


    Some points to be noted are :

    • WSDL style is document/literal.


         I guess i have correctly identified the WSDL style as document/literal??


    • No entry in SM21 related to this error.
    • No trace is generated in SRT_UTIL for this WS Call.
    • The other server is being called and the data is successfully transferred to it which indicates there is some problem in receiving the response from the server end. This is confirmed by checking the logs generated at the external WS server.
    • W3SCHOOLS WS is successfully consumed.


    Let us know for possible solutions.

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    Hi guys,


    i'm new to sap webservices and i have the following problem. I added a new method to an existing webservice (SE80->Enterprise Services->Service Provider). After adding the include i added a new operation at the "Internal View". Next step was downloading the wsdl via soamanager. After analyzing the wsdl (got an error on soapUI) i recognized that the new method has no soapAction defined. An existing method looks like:

    <wsoap12:operationsoapAction="urn:sap-com:document:sap:soap:functions:mc-style:Webservice:Method" style="document" />.

    The new method which i added just looks like:

    <wsoap12:operationstyle="document" />.

    But how can I define the soapAction. I did not find any available settings on soamanager or se80.

    Thanks for helping me!

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  • 03/10/09--05:48: XML Deserialization Error
  • Hi,

    I am currently trying to test a web service:




    From the Discovery system to a provider ERP system.

    In the WSNavigator which is on the Discovery system, I entered values for the input parameters of the web service and clicked the "next" button. I got the following error:


    "Error during deserialization of the SOAP reresponse on the client: XML Deserialization Error. XML is not valid. Element []<Item> is required in <n0:PurchaseRequestCreateConfirmation_sync> but can not be found."


    Any Help will be appreciated.


    Kind Regards'


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    Hi all,


    how to consume the webservice (BZSt: USt-IdNr. Best&amp;auml;tigung) in SAP system which has RPC XML interface.


    There should be a communication between this website and my ABAP program so that i can send the input data and receive the result in the ABAP program.


    i tried searching in the forum but only found webservices using WSDL.


    Thanks in advance,





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    Dear all,


    I have to consume an external Web Service with HTTPS and Basic Authentication from an ABAP program. Consumer Proxy and Logical Port are ready. Everything works fine - but everytime when testing or using the Consumer Proxy, a dialog for username and passwort popus up. When I enter the same access data there that is already saved in the Logical Port in SOAMANAGER, then the call is successful.


    Consequently, background processing fails with "Authentication required".


    I found out that the DFAULT Keystore is used in the calls. However, I need to use the ANONYM Keystore, as we do not use client certificates.


    How can I configure usage of the ANONYM key store / client identity for this Consumer Proxy and Logical Port?


    Thank you for every hint,


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    Hello Experts,


    We have a requirement to consume webservice proxy in CRM without involving PI. We have WSDL file which has many services as depicted in the first screenshot.After checking old posts, I could add custom SOAP header by using if_wsprotocol_ws_header and there is no xml parsing error for ws_header.Have used if_ixml_stream_factory to check xml parsing error for header.



    '<wsse:Security soapenv:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsse="" xmlns:wsu="">'

    '<wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="UsernameToken-2">'

                '<wsse:Username>user id</wsse:Username>'

                '<wsse:Password Type="">paswd</wsse:Password>'

                '<wsse:Nonce EncodingType="">MT0B9XFzsZJXXKmVKOsj/Q==</wsse:Nonce>'




    '</soapenv:Header>' INTO l_string.


    But when my ABAP program as a whole gets executed where consumer proxy is called, then it still throws XML parsing error - undeclared namespace prefix. As mentioned, there is no parsing error for header and WSDL file as a whole in SOAP UI tool works fine,by manually adding SOAP header.


    Have configured SOAMANAGER with logical port.Or any wrong setting in SOAMANAGER can cause this issue? When I tested webservice ping, it gave me attached error but I read in a SAP note that such error can be ignored.


    I want to know if some more setting/coding is required if we manually add custom header to a payload? Is PI really required to implement this requirement? Payload mapping has to be done to add custom header and if that can be taken care by ABAP coding and how?




    SOAMANAGER_Messaging tab.PNGSOAMANAGER_Transport settings.PNGSOA_Operation settings.PNGSOA_webservice ping.PNG



    Can you please help?



    Nisha Verma

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    Hi all,


    I'm invoking locally several enterprise (at least 5) inbound web services of a SAP ERP box, and when I invoke each of them, I get the cx_bgrfc_invalid_destination exception.


    I'm doing this invocation using SOAPUI as a testing purpose.


    And some of the enterprise services that I'm calling are:


    • EmployeeMasterDataReplicationRequest_In
    • EmployeeOrganisationalAssignmentReplicationRequest_In


    What could I be doing wrong or missing?





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    Hi all,


    After invoking the local SAP ERP inbound Web Service that receives the Employee Master Data replication from EC (employee Central) through Boomi.


    I can see that the message in the SXMB_MONI with status Released for Processing WS as you can see the screenshot.


    Captura de pantalla 2015-07-06 a las 11.53.42 AM.png


    I Have checked the SMQ2 and there is nothing in the Queues, and also I have make sure that the Queues are Registered and Activated.


    In the SRTUTIL-> Look for Async Messages, I can see that the message is waiting. But I don't what is waiting for:


    Captura de pantalla 2015-07-06 a las 11.58.14 AM.png


    And in the SRT_TOOLS->bgRFC Monitor, am able to see also that the message is in 'green' status and its queued.


    Captura de pantalla 2015-07-06 a las 12.00.30 PM.png


    Any ideas of what I'm missing for this message to be totally executed?


    Thanks for your inputs!


    Felipe A. Contreras

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    We need to provide some web services to integrate SAP with third-party software. I've created an RFC-enabled FM in SAP and created a web service for it. We have to use HTTPS protocol because there is some sensitive data involved.


    When the web service is created using profile '...LOW' (basic HTTP with user/password), it works just fine and can be tested successfully in WS Navigator and soapUI. But when I try using profile '...MEDIUM' and HTTPS transport guarantee (with user/password or any other setting), I'm getting an error 'Connection refused' when trying to test it.


    Also in the WSDL file link we can only use 'http'. If I try replacing it with 'https', I get an error message 'Invalid SSL message, peer seems to be talking plain' in WS Navigator.


    What do we need to do to get a web service to work with HTTPS? Unfortunately, I have very limited experience with web services and don't know much about related technologies, but there is no one else available (even Basis is outsourced). I searched on SDN, but couldn't find anything helpful so far. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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    Hi Experts,


    I have created proxy and logical port but when i am trying to test by executing method, I am getting below errors.


    1.Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: (ICF Error)

    2.Error when processing Web service call

    3.SOAP:1.023 SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: (ICF Error when receiving the response: ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR)


    Thanks in advance




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    Hi All,


      How can I change soap header from consuming webservice? we are on SAP 7.00 SP15 (No XI or PI)

      I am able to call some methods that do not require the header for third party web service (.net).


      This is the header that sap generate:

     ....<n1:MessageID xmlns:n1="">uuid:4bdbf1ed-6c9c-1d52-e100-0000c0a8cf8a</n1:MessageID>  ....</soap-env:Header>

      This is the header that third party web service require.

      <soap:Header>    <MultiSpeakMsgHeader Version="string" UserID="string" Pwd="string">  </soap:Header>



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    I have exposed a BAPI function Module as a web service. From the SOAMANAGER I am able to access the WSDL URL.


    BUT when I try to consume the same web service from PHP Iam receiving below error.


    SoapFault Object ( [message:protected] => SRT: Unexpected failure in SOAP processing occurred: ("No configuration for this HTTP server instance") [string:Exception:private] => [code:protected]

    Below is the PHP code used. Currently URL is accessible only in our Internal network.




    $url = "http://......_:8000/sap/bc/srt/wsdl/bndg_4E65A455F64F5D21E1000000C0A800E9/wsdl11/allinone/standard/document?sap-client=950";

    $client = new SoapClient($url,

                    array('login'      => "**",

                          'password'   => "**",

                          'trace'        => false,

                          'exceptions' => false));

    $fcs = $client->__getFunctions();

    $fcs1 = $client->__getTypes();



    $test = $client->PoGetdetail(array("Purchaseorder"=>5500000086));



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    Hi guys,


    I have a requirement to create contract from SOA using BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE. At first, it does not have any issue on EHP5 but then after the upgrade to EHP7 it is giving an issue "Error ME 816: CL_API_MASTER_CONDITION_MM=>PROCESS". I've search sap note 2000517 and the correction is already implemented in the system but i'm still getting this error.


    Any idea on how to resolve this? or is there any new input to avoid this error?



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    I need to load a WSDL (to generate a web service consumer proxy). However, that WSDL is build from multiple files, both .wsdl and .xsd, not a single one. It seems the SAP wizard to generate the proxy does expect one single WSDL file however.


    Is there a way in SAP to load a WSDL with multiple files, or do I need to (manually) flatten all these files into one single file?

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    I am very new to SAP and webservices and have an issue with getting a response from a web service I created for a simple function module BAPI_CREATE_TRIP_FROM_DATA. I am getting the following response for the SOAP request from soapUI:


    <soap-env:Envelope xmlns:soap-env="">   <soap-env:Header/>   <soap-env:Body>      <soap-env:Fault>         <faultcode>soap-env:Client</faultcode>         <faultstring xml:lang="en">Dynamic function call failed</faultstring>         <detail>            <n0:DynamicFunctionCallFault xmlns:n0="">               <FunctionName>BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA</FunctionName>               <ParameterMissingFault>                  <DescriptionText>Function call of BAPI_TRIP_CREATE_FROM_DATA failed; the obligatory parameter EMPLOYEENUMBER</DescriptionText>               </ParameterMissingFault>               <Caller>                  <Class>CL_SRG_RFC_PROXY_CONTEXT</Class>                  <Method>EXECUTE</Method>                  <Positions>1</Positions>               </Caller>            </n0:DynamicFunctionCallFault>         </detail>      </soap-env:Fault>   </soap-env:Body></soap-env:Envelope>


    I am using ECC 6.0 with GUI 7.10. soapUI is v3.5.1.

    What is hard to find also is the purpose of the class / method mentioned ... nothing on googling either. All the errors seem to be on the DECODE method of the same class which is to do with serialization error, my issue is with the EXECUTE method.

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    Moin everybody

  is discontinued, and the replacement links provided on that page don't really help.

    Is there any alternative that provides the much-needed link between backend BO objects/BAPIs/data elements/tables and the matching business objects and services?


    I also searched for „ES Workplace“ in , leading to the also discontinued http:/

    And the "Dicsovery System" linked in this group seems also discontinued.


    So I'm pretty much out of options where to search.

    Any ideas? Anybody?

    Best regards, Ingo

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    Dear all,


    i tried to implement test webservice from the following blog Consuming WebServices directly from ABAP

    But when I test it I got the following error: "SOAP:1023 SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("Connect to failed: NIECONN_REFUSED"

    Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("Connect to failed: NIECONN_REFUSED(-10)")

    Exception of class CX_SOAP_CORE


    My second problem creating the service was using the url instead of local file, I got the message:

    Exception occurred in communication framework:Error in HTTP Framework:404Connection Refused

    Exception of class CX_PROXY_GEN_ERROR


    I guess that both problems has the same issue.

    How can I solve the problems.


    Best regards


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  • 08/03/15--05:50: Unable to Open SOAMANAGER
  • Hi Experts,



    I facing below mentioned issue while accessing tcode SOAMANAGER.








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  • 03/15/11--21:47: SAP CE SIZING
  • Dear All,


    We are planing to Implement the SAP BPM in our land scape.

    How ever  we are about start the Sizing for the Hardware.

    I tried searching the Quick sizer in the service market place but i did not find any clue.


    Could any one help us for the sizing SAP CE


    Awaiting for your reply.

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    I have a problem with the when I create a Consumer Proxy.

    The situation is: I created a small web service in C# and copied it into an IIS Webserver. The IIS works only with Windows-Authentification.

    After that I created Service Consumer and a logical port. If I test it I have to enter the User and Password of the IIS.

    My problem is now, that the user should not be asked for the User and Passwort of the IIS. I saw in a screenshot of the SOAMANAGER two fields for this information, but my is none, not HTTPBASIC as in the screenshot.

    How can I change this? Do I have to change something in the WSDL or in the C#-project?


    Thanks for an answer. :-)




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