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Latest Forum Threads in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAP

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    If you have a deployed function group-based webservice and then add new remote functions to the function group, what is the process for adjusting the web service so that the new functions are available? 


    I know that you can syntax check the web service if a function interface has changed or a data dictionary definition for a parameter has changed, but I don't see an option for adding the new calls, other than manually editing the WSDL file.  'Check' and 'Activate' on the service do not work from SE80.  Deleting the endpoint binding and re-creating it in SOAMANAGER does not work because the service definition hasn't changed.  The only option I found is to delete the service and go back through the wizard.  That just doesn't seem right. 


    Any ideas?  Thanks.

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    Hi All,


    while i am busy releasing web services (AGS_WBS_SOLAR_IF_MERCURY)  for test results,In SOAMANAGER in order for me to assign the technical user i have to tick a block that says no authentification.


    In my case the block is greyed,can you kindly assist with a resolution.


    Please see attached screenshot.





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    Is there a way to extend  trace activation time in SRT_UTIL more than 2 hours ?




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    Hi All,


    I am using SAP enterprise service message MerchandiseManagementMerchandiseOut to integrate article and prices data to the POS system.


    We have requirement to include additional customer specific fields in the message.  I was wondering if someone has done it and will be kind enough to share the knowledge on how to enhance the message type and include additional fields.


    Kind Regards,


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    I had created a web service in Development server and generated a wsdl url through SOAMANAGER. I then transported the service definition to testing server and manually created binding there. The consumer was able to consume both the web service (development & testing server). I then transported the service to production server and manually created binding here too, in the same manner. Now when i m trying to open WSDL document for selected binding, I am getting error as  "Requested Web Page Cannot be Displayed".

    I have checked the service in SICF and it is in Active mode.


    Kindly suggest as how can this issue be resolved.


    Thanks & Regards,


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    Hi All,


    i am currently busy activating services and in SOA manager i am unableto find service definition AGS_WBS_SOLAR_IF_MERCURY.


    Please see below screenshot.


    Is there any configuration missing?


    Your help will be highly appreciated.





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    Good day.


    I am setting up the integration between ERP and TM via the WS/RM. When configuring used the guid "WS/RM Integration Guide for SAP Transportation Management" which contains links to Central Business Scenario Configuration


    Create entries on the tab "Service Administration" by link "Integration Scenario Configuration":

    1. I get an error message about the inconsistency of data to the TM_ERP_ORDINT_SE.


    2. And also to set up Scenario error is displayed on the absence of a logical ports.


    Tell me, please, what I'm doing wrong.




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    We have various Enterprise Web Services (SOAP) which are available via URLs which look like this:

    Whenever we change the interface (changing the Function Modules) we have to create a new Enterprise Web Service (and config and binding...) in SOAMANAGER and this is not only tedious but it means a new URL.


    We would like to have a fixed URL pointing to the latest version of the service. Something like:

    When we create such an alias in SICF and point it to the above path and binding it does not work. We get a 500 error with the following response:

    HTTP/1.1 500 SRT: Unexpected failure in SOAP processing occurred: ("No Web service configuration for this access path: "/zws/serviceX"")
    content-type: text/html
    content-length: 0
    server: SAP NetWeaver Application Server / ABAP 731


    Can anyone explain this message, or suggest a solution?

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    I'm new in webservice and i have trouble to implement my first webservice.


    1- I have created the service consumer from the wsdl file. The wsdl file looks like this :




















































    2- I configured SOAMANAGER with a default port. I used the URL /services/purchaseinvoice/create?WSDL. I manage to do the ping.





    3 - I have created my abap program.


       DATA lo_proxy  TYPE REF TO zgm_co_purchaseinvoicecreate_1.

       DATA ls_output TYPE zgm_create_output1.

       DATA lo_exc    TYPE REF TO cx_root.

       DATA lv_msg    TYPE string.

       DATA ls_cr     TYPE ty_s_cr.



    *     instantiate the object reference

           IF lo_proxy IS NOT BOUND.

             CREATE OBJECT lo_proxy TYPE zgm_co_purchaseinvoicecreate_1.




               CALL METHOD lo_proxy->create


                   input  = ps_input


                   output = ls_output.


             CATCH cx_ai_system_fault INTO lo_exc .

               lv_msg = lo_exc->get_text( ).


               ls_cr-icon = icon_red_light.

               ls_cr-belnr = ps_factures-belnr.

               ls_cr-gjahr = ps_factures-gjahr.

               ls_cr-message = lv_msg.

               APPEND ls_cr TO pt_cr.

               pv_subrc = 4.



               lv_msg = lo_exc->get_text( ).


               ls_cr-icon    = icon_red_light.

               ls_cr-belnr   = ps_factures-belnr.

               ls_cr-gjahr   = ps_factures-gjahr.

               ls_cr-message = lv_msg.

               APPEND ls_cr TO pt_cr.

               pv_subrc = 4.


    Now when i run it i get the error message : SOAP:14 Unexpected element -el=definitions ns=

    I saw that there are already other topic dealing with kind of issue but i didn't manage to solve the issue.

    Any help will be usefull.

    Thanks a lot.


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    I am creating a RFC based webservice in SE37 and then creating the runtime configuration in SOAMANAGER. In 7.31,the navigation for creating the binding have changed.Using SCN documentation,I have correctly configured it.The issue is there in consuming it . I am not sure of the URL to be given to .net application. I have tried giving the ' calculated access url' under transport settings  or service location in WSDL file  under 'Open WSDL document for selected binding or service'. In both cases the .net application gives error 'operation is not valid due to current state of the object'.

    I have also tried testing it by creating the consumer proxy by giving the WSDL file of design time or for selected binding or service.

    It gives error 'Proxy error generation occurred'.

    Need to know what to give to .net application to consume the service.

    please see the attachment.

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    hello everybody,

    we are working with ERP - PO - C4C integration.

    everything is working fine but we have a problem with a C4C to ERP interface.

    The interface is: ReplicateSalesOrderAttachmentToExternalOut

    We configured everything and starting from Configuration Scenario.


    when we send message from C4C we can see it in PO monitor with an error:


    SOAP: Error occurred: SOAP: Response message contains an errorXIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Web service processing error; more details in the web service error log on provider side (UTC timestamp 20151028153217; Transaction ID 562FB97299741BBFE10000000A0201DB)


    When we check the SOAMANAGER monitor in ERP, the error is:


    SRT: Plain SOAP: Reliable messaging (RM) configured, but no Message ID and no WSRM assertion provided.


    I found this thread Plain SOAP: Reliable messaging (RM) configured,... | SCN but we cannot change a standard function.


    Does anybody have a suggestion?

    thanks in advance



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    Hello Experts,


    We have a query regarding generating a wsdl file from sap inbound proxy.


    We have generated an inbound service interface. And we want to generate a wsdl file from sap proxy it self.  we have achieved it through function modules and bapis. i searched all the scn forums and didn't found any suitable thread,Please post your comments.


    please share your thoughts and do the need full Its little bit urgent.






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  • 11/04/15--10:14: Web Service login failed
  • Hi,


    I'm trying to access the data from SAP by using webservice. when I perform web service call by using soap UI tool i am getting the below error

    HTTP 401 - Unauthorized

    Login failed

    What happened ?

    was canceled due to incorrect credentials

    The application was carried out in the system PRD. Here, no credentials were provided

      If you still do not have a user ID, please contact your system administrator

    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team

    Even i have provided proper user is and Password soap UI

    Thanks for your help in advance



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    Hi fellows,


    I've created a web service from a RFC. When I tried to start the SOAMANAGER for configuration to create the an endpoint I've got the error bellow:

    "Invalid index 1 when setting lead selection; context node: MAIN.1.NODE_SEARCH_TABLE"


    I tried to acess the SOAMANAGER transaction to find the service description created. I found it but when I tried to create the endpoint I got the errors:


    "Error: Error when reading variant "ZWS_TESTE" of servicedefinition "ZWS_TESTE": An exception with the type CX_SY_REF_IS_INITIAL oc "




    "No service/endpoint selected"


    Someone knows what am I missing?

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    hi all, I´ve created a web service (provider)   in SE80 with the wizard and set to no authentication...but each time I put the url of the WSDL of this web service in the explorer I get a popup to loggin....The same when from Java we try to create the client....they are asked for user-password....


    how I need to set the web service in the SICF to get no authentication if I´ve set no authentication profile in SE80 for this web service???


    Do I need to do anything in SOAMANAGER too???


    What I´m missing???


    The system where I´m working is an ECC6.0


    Thanks in advance...


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    Hi experts, I need your help.

    I want to use SAP to SAP (or non-SAP) for exchange messages. I heard that ESB can help me, but I didn't find guide.

    Please tell me how to work with ESB (install, configure). Also describe concept of ESB please.



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    I developed an Application Service in NWDS and tested it in the WebService Navigator.

    It worked fine u2026


    Now I want to call this WebService in ABAP. So I created a Client Proxy (SE80) with the corresponding WSDL and set up a logical port (with the same WSDL).


    While testing this Client Proxy an error occurred:


    SoapFaultCode: 1


    Through the transaction se11 I got the following infos:


    E SOAP_RUNTIME 20100914152300.8430000 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT
    ->EXEC_PROCESSING Ausnahmebehandlung innerhalb der SOAP Laufzeit
    E HTTP_TRANSPORT_BINDING 20100914152300.7340000 : CL_SOAP_HTTP
    _TPBND_ROOT ->HANDLE_STATUS_CODE Received return code 500 (
    Internal Server Error )
    E SOAP_RUNTIME 20100914152300.8430000 : CL_SOAP_RUNTIME_CLIENT
    ->EXEC_PROCESSING SOAP Fault Exception caught: : Header element
    []To, marked with
    mustUnderstand=1, is not recognized.


    Can anybody give me a hint how to solve this problem?


    Best regards


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    I tested some SAP enterprise services for material handling and production orders.

    So far every time an unit of measure was used by an enterprise service it was the ISO-Code, which is defined in T006 for the internal UOM in the backend.


    Now I'm trying to create ProductionConfirmation for production order by SAP Enterprise Service ECC_PRODUCTIONCONFCRTRC.


    The following message, sent by the shop floor system, to the service at sap backend, creates a partial time ticket for operation 0010 of production order 7284094 for 12 pieces yield and a goods receipt movement for 12 pieces of batch 0728409400


    The odd thing is, that I have to use unitcode PCE for the time ticket section and unitcode ST for the goods movement.


    ST is the internal UOM in T006 and PCE is the ISO-Code for ST.


    If I try to do the goods movement with PCE, then the service responds with ok, but the goods movement isn't executed and there is an error in the Confirmation of production order (co14).

    "No language-specific unit defined in language EN for internal unit PCE"

    or in german

    "Zur int. Maßeinheit PCE ist in Sprache DE keine sprachabh. Einheit gepflegt"

    This leads me to the assumption that the enterprise service interprets the unitcode in the goods movement section as SAPs internal UOM.

    In addition there must be a failure in the service implementation, because it must not sent an ok message, if the goods movement isn't done.

    Is there a rule, that enterprise services should use ISO-Codes as unitcodes?

    Are there further ideas?




    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""    xmlns:glob="">   <soapenv:Header/>   <soapenv:Body>      <glob:ProductionConfirmationCreateRequest_sync>         <MessageHeader>            <UUID>365d2b3f-4f1f-44eb-abf8-e991d83411bf</UUID>         </MessageHeader>         <ProductionConfirmation>            <ProductionOrderID>7284094</ProductionOrderID>            <ProductionOrderOperationID>0010</ProductionOrderOperationID>            <PlantID>662L</PlantID>               <!-- Linie 62 -->            <WorkCentreID>80060050</WorkCentreID>               <!-- Teilrückmeldung -->            <RecordTypeCode>L20</RecordTypeCode>               <!-- 12 Gutteile -->            <ConfirmQuantity unitCode="PCE">12</ConfirmQuantity>            <GoodsMovementInformation>                  <!--                        für Material 77003228 (Endprodukt des FA) und Charge 0728409400                       12 Stück Wareneingang auf LL62 in den frei verwendbaren Bestand buchen                  -->               <MaterialInternalID>77003228</MaterialInternalID>               <PlantID>662L</PlantID>               <InventoryManagedLocationInternalID>LL62</InventoryManagedLocationInternalID>               <BatchID>0728409400</BatchID>               <ProductionOrderID>7284094</ProductionOrderID>               <GoodsMovementTypeCode>101</GoodsMovementTypeCode>                  <!-- frei verwendbarer Bestand -->               <InventoryUsabilityStatusCode>1</InventoryUsabilityStatusCode>                  <!-- hier muss "ST" verwendet werden, "PCE" liefert keine Fehlermessage, die Buchng funktioniert aber nicht: -->                <InputQuantity unitCode="ST">12</InputQuantity>               <GoodsMovementReferenceDocumentTypeCode>3</GoodsMovementReferenceDocumentTypeCode>            </GoodsMovementInformation>         </ProductionConfirmation>      </glob:ProductionConfirmationCreateRequest_sync>   </soapenv:Body></soapenv:Envelope>

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    Hi guys,


    I have a requirement to create contract from SOA using BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE. At first, it does not have any issue on EHP5 but then after the upgrade to EHP7 it is giving an issue "Error ME 816: CL_API_MASTER_CONDITION_MM=>PROCESS". I've search sap note 2000517 and the correction is already implemented in the system but i'm still getting this error.


    Any idea on how to resolve this? or is there any new input to avoid this error?



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    Hi ,


    We have SAP netweaver portal 7.31 having user store of LDAP.


    The SAP portal have an SOA exposed using Message Authentication . Our requirement is SOA should Message Authentication should be from a different set of users and not from users connected to LDAP user store.


    Do you think this is feasible? 



    Sujith Mathew

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