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Latest Forum Threads in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SAP

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    Hi all,


    I'm working on building a scenario to build a web service consumer in SAP. I created my proxy class in SE80 and completed all config and Logical port in SOAMANAGER. I'm generating this Proxy using a WSDL i received from host system. When i try to test my proxy system gives error "SOAP:1,023 SRT: Processing error in Internet Communication Framework: ("ICF Error when receiving the response ICM_HTTP_CONNECTON_BROKEN"


    I checked with my administrator and basis team. they seem not find any issue and network person is not able to trace a request going out at firewall level. I'm trying to reach an outside system(internal system but outside our network) so firewall and port all verified.


    any ideas? what I'm missing here. Based on info i got from SDN this supposed to be a simple test.


    really appreciate if you can help me here


    P.S: please look at the attachment for more details on my settings.

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    Hi Everyone,



    I have been following the below link to call a SharePoint Web Service from SAP.

    Consuming Microsoft SharePoint Web Services in SAP using Basic Authentication


    But after entering the URL this pops up :


    2015-04-07 09-57-02.jpg


    and I enter my SAP username and password, then I get this error:


    2015-04-01 14-17-43.jpg

    But I have full SAP authorization.


    Please can someone advice or help on this problem.


    Thank you.

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    When Try to test a Web Servicein Web Services Navigator I am getting below error.This is happening for the standard one also.



    url in the screenshot is name space only it would not execute.

    The actual url is as below.



    Any idea how to resolve this?


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    Hi guys,


    I have a requirement to create contract from SOA using BAPI_CONTRACT_CREATE. At first, it does not have any issue on EHP5 but then after the upgrade to EHP7 it is giving an issue "Error ME 816: CL_API_MASTER_CONDITION_MM=>PROCESS". I've search sap note 2000517 and the correction is already implemented in the system but i'm still getting this error.


    Any idea on how to resolve this? or is there any new input to avoid this error?



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    I am trying to consume a local file (file://c:/xxx.html) as a web service using method CL_HTTP_CLIENT=>CREATE_BY_URL.  When I do that, I get the 'ARGUMENT_NOT_FOUND' exception returned.  I know the file exists and when I launch  it from the Windows start menu, it launches fine and I see the JSON output that I am expecting when I try to call it from ABAP.  Is there another way to address the file using this - or another - method?


    Asking the question from the complete opposite direction; I have ABAP logic looking to see if a HID device (i.e. - signature pad) is attached to my PC via USB.  My web developer has supplied me with the local web service that will tell me if the device is attached (the file mentioned above), but it is not working.  Is there a more direct way to query the presentation server / local PC to see if an individual device is attached?  I thought maybe I could find the device listed in the registry (so I could read it using CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES methods) but so far had no luck in finding it there.


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Hi Experts,


    SAP ECC will trigger user creation, which will create user in both ECC and Portal system.


    We have created a Service Consumer for User management. This has been working fine in all system. We got a change to update user names and email id in Portal system, when ever there is a change in ECC. The changes were completed from both ends and working development system. The existing Service consumer under Enterprise structure has been deleted and created with new name space. This is currently working in Dev system. When transport moved to rest of the system, we are facing issue. Below is the error message for the same.


    SoapFaultCode:4 - No operation found using soap keys  [CreateUser], []. InterfaceMapping Object class: webservices.espbase.mappings.InterfaceMapping mappings: {BindingType=Soap, SEIName=XXX.UserMgmtOperation, PortTypeQName=UserMgmtOperation, PortQName=XXX/}UserMgmtOperationPort, InterfaceMappingID=476bf524:14fdbb14035:-7fec, JAXWSInterface=true, BindingQName={http:}UserMgmtOperationBinding, SoapVersion=SOAP11, ServiceQName={http:///}UserMgmtOperationService}.

    Exception of class CX_AI_SOAP_FAULT


    We have tried to re-import the transport, but still it is same issue.  Thanks.



    Ganesh R K.

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    I have declared a Function module as RFC enabled and passing 3 table parameters as optional parameters. I have created Web Service on the same function module. But when I am testing the WSDL URL of that web service in SOAPUI its not showing that 3 table parameters as optional and also i have to pass values in all 3  table parameters otherwise web service is generating error message.


    Please help me out.



    Maftun Ahmed Khan

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    We have created a Remote function module and developed the Web service for this RFC. We have given WSDL file and path to third party (sharepoint application) to consume.

    Sharepoint team were successfully calling this web service and received the data from their server side. But when they call this web service from client side (web browser), they are getting below error message


    HTTP/1.1 415 Unsupported Media Type

    content-type: text/html

    content-length: 0

    server: SAP NetWeaver Application Server / ABAP 731


    Is anybody across this issue and provide your expertise in this issue?

    Do we need add any parameter in web service or SOAMANAGER to allow other formats such as html instead of xml?


    Appreciate any feedback .

    Thanks in advance.



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  • 09/21/15--23:29: CTS + Configuration
  • Hello ,


    There is problem in the CTS + setup, this is confured already and worked fine. But now we done some patch upgrade, so now it is not working . Please fine the screenshot for the error.


    Please share your inputs.




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  • 09/23/15--12:26: How to change SOAP request
  • Hi,

    is possibile to change SOAP request? Can I add attribute to SOAP request? for example I must add type element and namespace to node for force the attribute to string.

    If it is not possible, can i change WSDL to force SAP to add type to attribute in SOAP request?





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    The srt_admin technical check and soamanager health check fail due to the client 001 messages below.  We aren't issued user ids in 001 so is there a way to configure client 001 from 000 or any other solution? Is the only solution that I need to get a user id in 001 and run it from there?




    001 Idem potency IDP service configuration not found for client 001. Run WSIDPADMIN there. /


    No configuration exists in client: No check of inbound destination:WS_BGRFC_INBOUND000 no usable service destination in client:001

    Warm regards, CM

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    Hi All,




    We recently upgraded our ERP landscape from ERP EHP 3 to 6.

    So our NW stack went from 7.0 to 7.31


    We use PI to interface between a 3rd party application and our ERP.


    But incase of a disruption of our PI system, we have a plan B and its a webservice.


    When we did the upgrade, all was fine, PI and all worked.


    If checking SICF, the service is active.

    Check SOAMANAGER, service is active.


    We never invoked plan B.


    We have the need to transfer a high volume from the 3rd party to ERP, so bypassing PI is a much faster route in our case.


    When trying to hit the webservice, no response.


    As I start digging.


    SICF, its active, run a test, it does prompt to log in but blank HTTPS page.


    So, I launched SOAMANAGER, SAP tells me that the webservice was configured in the old layout, and the new layout will be used.

    CLick OK.


    I see my webservice Active. So decide to Edit it and click same so it regenerates just to see.


    Then I get this error.



    Framework exception: ICF: Cannot generate ICF information from SOAP
    information[System is not prepared for WS Security authentication (note




    And it is now in inactive STate.


    I read note 1319507.


    If a WS consumer of an SAP system logs on to a Web service with message-based

    authentication such as a UsernameToken, a SAML token, or an X.509 certificate,

    the Internet Communication Framework (ICF) initially performs the logon using

    the technical user DELAY_LOGON (for 7.1X) or DELAY_L_<SID> (for 7.0X).  A

    direct logon with the authentication data contained in the SOAP document is not

    possible, since the ICF cannot access SOAP data.

    The user name and the

    credentials are kept in the secure store and copied into the ICF node of the ws

    provider when a configuration is activated.


    In case no credentials are

    available in the secure store, you get the following error



    System is not prepared for WS Security authentication (note


    Use report wss_setup to create the user DELAY_LOGON (for

    7.1X) or DELAY_L_<SID> (for 7.0X), which has no authorizations. The report

    also stores the user password in the secure storage. If the user

    DELAY_LOGON/DELAY_L_<SID> then accesses the WS provider, the initial

    authentication is done using DELAY_LOGON/DELAY_L_<SID>, until the SOAP

    processing framework switches the user after successful evaluation of e.g. the

    sent SAML assertion.



    Before I try this. Any advice? Anyone else see this before? Almost appears the security has been hardened in the newer NW stacks.


    Should I run this report? Also concerned about NW stack levels, it discusses 7.1X and 7.0.


    Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

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    Can someone please influence someone to bring ES-Workplace back online? All the links to enterprise service documentation in links to es-workplace, and without es-workplace we can not discover SAP enterprise services in dialog with our customers.  



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    Hi Gurus,

    sorry in advance if some of my doubts will appear to you experts as stupid....


    Scenario: we're on the way to realize the integration between SAP ECC and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online ( the cloud) using SAP PI 7.11. In our scenario SAP PI will be the client, consuming webservices provided by MS CRM.


    Unfortunately during the PI configuration (following SAP HELP instructions) we're facing the following problems:

    1. The system (PI, dual-stack installation) has the parameter 'ssl/pse_provider' set to 'ABAP'. Considering that we would like to use SSL with SOAP adapter, questions are: 

      - Can we use the ABAP stack to maintain the PSEs, or it's mandatory to do it into the AS Java in order to use SSL with SOAP adapter.

    - If so, we need to switch the ssl/pse_provider parameter to JAVA. Could this change create some kind of problems?

      For information, currently in transaction STRUST we only have a Local node, neither Server nor Client nodes.

    2. We have already installed the SAP Cryptographic Library for SSL but: 

      - In NWA we can't find ICM_SSL_<instance_ID> view or CLIENT_ICM_SSL_<instance_ID> keystore view into the list of Keystore Views.

      - We would like to change the default Profile into RZ10 but we Can't find the profile... 

      - MS CRM (ws server) give us only a public certificate but do we need a private key too or we have to generate it from SAP?

      - We need to know if is possible to use the MS 'LIVEID' authentication with SAP PI or SAP ECC.

      - Do we need additional modules for the SOAP adapter(maybe an Axis one in order to use soap protocol 1.2)?


    Could you please suggest the right configuration and give us some tips about this kind of integration?


    Thanks a lot,


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    Hi Experts,


    We are facing below mentioned issue.



    a-  Purchase Order  and  Contract     cXML   in    /nSXMB_MONI     ECC are stucking with Status 'Released for Processing(WS)', (Please refer the attached screenshot)    because of that the PO number is not getting updated on Shopping Cart and Contract(In some table for internal use) in SRM


    What could be possible issue and what all are the check points we need to ensure in order to resolve this issue


    b-   Please may someone confirm, 'Source'  and  'Destination'   systems  appearing on cXML messages for  Purchase Order  and  Contract in ECC .... from where it is tagged in  cXML    ... if, it is maintained or configured at any place on 'SOA Manager'


    c-  Would appreciate, if someone can help with some usefull 'SOA Manager' configuration  forum/discussion/posts



    Thanks in advance for your help on this.






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    Hi Experts,


    Yes, I admit: I am new to Web Services and SOA. Therefore, I apologize for very basic questions :(.


    - I have created a web service from an ABAP FM from SAP CRM.

    - I have generated the WSDL using SOAMANAGER with the lowest security setting: NONE.

    - I have read the SAP Library [Configuring a Service Provider|]


    All seems in place to consume the web service.


    I want to consume the web service from SAP BOBJ Data Services. Unfortunately I get errors that the web service cannot be invoked. I have posted a thread to Data Services [Why is the web service cannot be invoked?; where I am told to check if the web server has a proxy. If so, this needs to be specified in Data Services configuration.


    Where is the information of the proxyHost and proxyPort available on a SAP system? Is this required to consume the web service externally?


    Thanks a lot & Best Regards


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    I have seen plenty of threads with this issue, but none of them helped me to resolve this. Hence posting.


    Basically I am trying to consume an external webservice in ABAP.


    I created Proxy service consumer classes based on the webservice wsdl file, and also created logical port successfully.

    I have cross checked that Ping also is successful for the logical port created.


    However, when I try to execute, the service consumer proxy giving the SOAP request XML using transaction se80. I get the below error

    SOAP:14 - Unexpected element -el=definitions ns=

    And I do not get any response.


    Appreciate for any inputs to resolve this issue.


    A detailed error in SOMANAGER logs is as below.

    A SOAP Runtime Core Exception occurred in method DESERIALIZE_HEADER of class CL_SOAP_MESSAGE_11 at position id 1 with internal error id 14 and error text Unexpected element -el=definitions ns= (fault location is 2 )

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    Dear SAP experts,


    We are integrating the SAP SOLMAN 7.1 SPS13 BPCA with HP ALM 12.01 and run into issues.


    All the setup has been done as per the SAP and HP ALM guides but facing issues like


    Transport Level Security

    Message Level Security

    Message Authentication

    Secure Token Service Settings




    Single Sigon on Using SAML


    Unexpected SAML subject confirmation type urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:cm:sender-vouches



    Single Sigon on Using SAML


    Missing token


    Asymmetric sign

    Single Sigon on Using SAML


    Invalid configuration for Secure Conversation (transport authentication not supported)


    Asymmetric sign and encryption

    Single Sigon on Using SAML


    Missing token


    None of this configuration is working.


    In SAML2.0 i had created the STS for the HP ALM and maintained the policy too.


    Kindly can you help me fixing the issue.


    Thanks in advance,



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    Hi Experts,

    During SAP xECM implementation we are not able to connect from content server to SAP.

    In SAP there is a specific web service which will be exposed to content server. Content server will consume this web service. When we test connection from content server to SAP we are getting connection failed error.


    Further analysis in SAP gives below error details... this is from web service utility (SRT_UTIL)


    Please find the attached screen shots for the error analysis and provide your valuable input.


    web service error 1.png

    Request from content server

    Web service request error 1.png

    Response from sap to content server

    web service response error 2.png

    Root cause of the issue

    Web service error 2.png





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  • 10/05/15--01:22: WSDL url changed
  • Hi Experts,


    In my project, one of the ABAP consumer proxy, web service URL has got changed. Initially I thought that I could change the logical port configurations in SOAMANAGER and I am done. But I can see that in SE80, the WSDL file has the URL hardcoded into it.

    So I need to regenerate the proxy in SE80. As the URL is different for production, I cannot transport the proxy from development.

    In such a case, do I need to regenerate the proxy manually in production too. Is that a best practice or any other better way exists.

    As it will take me lot of approvals for me to change anything in production manually.

    Please advise.





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